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Zayn is nowhere to be seen but when WWA starts he will appear looking 83738 times hotter than before

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liam is that girl on facebook who says “shit day. no one understands me. phone is off so no one text me” and then harry would comment “whats wrong???” and liam goes “text me.”

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do you think zayn, harry, louis, and liam ever are just sitting around and one of them will say “i think niall’s my favorite” and they’ll just all nod in agreement 

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one direction is kind of like that tv show that starts out all cute and innocent but by the third season everything’s gone crazy and doesn’t make sense but you keep watching because you have to

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oh well, at least zayn looked good

-ancient one direction proverb

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Liam: Do you reckon this place might be haunted?
Niall: 100% (x)

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turning up to the trekstock dinner like


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